An AI Research Lab at your Fingertips

Advanced AI/ML Research and Engineering subscriptions to support your business as it builds its next generation of disruptive products and services.

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A New Approach to Building Disruptive Projects

Access high-performance research and engineering in a standardized, seamless, plug and play fashion. 

  • Subscribe to a plan & make as many scoped requests as you'd like.
  • Turnaround on requests in days, not months.
  • Unlimited revisions until the request is satisfied.

A Turnkey Advanced Technologies Group

Simple, no contracts, lock in, or surprises. Cancel anytime with our productized service. 

  • Analysis

    For teams with a need for ongoing review and guidance from experts on current & future projects.
  • Research Lab

    For teams that need research into SoTA methods, Advanced Engineering Support and Leadership.
  • Enterprise

    Building a revolutionary project or feature that requires novel engineering and R&D with higher demand? Lets build the future.

Strong AI Research & Engineering Roots

Luminary spun out of the Manifold Computing group, an open research collaboration, in the Spring of 2022.

We're a group of scientists and engineers with backgrounds doing research and ml engineering at places like Harvard, OpenMined, Georgia Tech, UCLA, and more.